The Goldline Camper

Before the American Road Camper, there was the Goldline. It, too, was sold exclusively through Ford dealers and was designed specifically for the Ford pickup. Unlike the AR camper’s fiberglass shell, the Goldline was constructed out of ABS plastic. I have never seen one in person. If you have any stories or pictures, please send them in and I’ll add them to this page.

Thanks to Mark @ for providing the Goldline literature!

3 thoughts on “The Goldline Camper”

  1. Hope this site still active. Just found a 1969 Goldline truck camper which came from a estate sale in the eastern shore area of Maryland. One owner apparently. Pretty good shape. Would like any litertature I can get my hands on. I have a restored Ford camper special so I couldn’t pass this up.

    1. Hi Mike, that’s great! I don’t have any Goldline literature, unfortunately, except for the scanned picture on the site. You may keep an active search for some on eBay. I have seen bits and pieces show up once in a while. Good luck with your cool find!

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