Project F350

The truck is getting closer to completion. I’m almost through with the front 1/2 of the vehicle, and then I’ll tackle the bed. The project is finally becoming fun. These always drag on and on. And on.

Ive added a few more pictures below.  I hope to finish the interior over the next couple of days.

Thank you for checking out our page! We have added a new camper to the registry on the main site.  Chris from Minneapolis submitted his camper and story. Please check it out if you have a moment.

Happy Camping!

Tony & Michelle

Here’s the front 1/2 of the F350, stripped again, and bodywork roughed in.
Bodywork completed and given a couple coats of PPG epoxy primer
Gray two component primer surfacer applied on top of epoxy. Then added a black guide coat to help see what I’m doing when I block sand it out.
Ready for the black paint.
The truck will now be 2-tone black and red. Here’s the first color.
It feels so good to clean and detail the pieces as they go back on. I’m finally getting to the fun part, where you can see the efforts pay off. I want this to be finished in the worst way. Want to go camping!


…and now the second color has been applied
It’s always fun to see the project start to come together. Still a long way to go. I need to paint the bed and finish assembling the truck. Maybe in a couple of months, it will be ready for the camper and the mountains!
It’s my understanding that the DOT requires clearance lights on vehicles 80″ and wider. Although the camper itself has these, more had to be more fun, right? Although new to this truck, these are the exact lamps it could’ve been ordered with, in their correct locations.
The original headliner had delaminated and disintegrated. I did my best to recreate the original, but my upholstery skills are still lacking. At least it’s not flapping in the breeze.
All the interior is lacking at this point are the seat belts and seat. Should be back together today!


7 thoughts on “Project F350”

    1. Hi Jimmy,
      It’s a 460. Right now, under the hood is a bit dusty and messy from all the bodywork, but it will match the outside, appearance-wise, when I’m finished. It was a nice, original truck, to start with. Zero rust and minimal dents. I’ve had a lot of fun working on it. Been in our family since new.

    1. Thank you, Kris!
      I have been painting since 1974. I have the lungs to prove it! 🙂
      It’s getting harder and harder, with my failing eyesight and arthritis. 2 more of these jobs after this one on my bucket list. Not sure if I’ll even last long enough to complete them. But I’m giving it my best shot! 🙂

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