American Road Side decals!

I have some exciting news, folks! One of our members has a limited supply of the American Road decals that were affixed to the rear sides of the camper. They cost $17.50  each.  What a great finishing touch for your AR! For more information, please contact Steve at the address below  THANK YOU, Steve! 👍




3 thoughts on “American Road Side decals!”

  1. Hi Steve
    I had sent you an email last week about my resent purchase of the 1973 American Road camper that is now sitting on my 1973 Super Camper Special. I cant stay away from this vehicle. All my extra time is spent on getting them both ready for a month long trip next September 2017. I just noticed this morning on your site that there may be some side decals still available! If so how can I obtain 2 of them for my camper. I am not the most advanced computer guy lol. So if you could help me get the info needed to get the a pair of these before there all gone I would very much appreciate it. I also have Marks contact info for new fender emblems which i will be ordering shortly, so thank you for having that connection on your site.
    thank you

    1. Hi Brad – I think I may have contacted you before, send me your full name and address and I will send you info on the decals. thank you

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