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Hello ARC enthusiasts! 

It’s been close to forever

since I’ve posted anything. It’s true what they say about life getting in the way. I’m having a little downtime right now, so it’s given me an opportunity to play catch up. 

As some of you know, the website was down for a few weeks due to being hacked. I was able to clean the mess up and hopefully won’t ever have to deal with that problem, again. 

The newest addition to the site is a store! I’ve decided it’s time to clear out some of my stuff, so feel free to check it out. Go to At the top of the navigation bar is “store”. I will continue to add new items over the next couple of weeks. Items will range from literature to replacement parts all the way up to a very tired old project camper that’s in need of a new home. If you have any questions, please let me know. 


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  1. I was at Ford Division in Dearborn when The “Clover Project” was developed. Working with the Ford design center and Starcraft, our activity developed the dealer network and supporting services that were to launch a full line of RV models with the American Road slide in being the first. In 1972 the energy – gas crisis caused Henry Ford to cancel the program. My last job in early 1974 was to sell non Ford branded motor homes at the Chicago Auto Auction. I would be happy to answer questions and share background information about this orphan product.


    1. Hello, Bob!
      Thank you for writing. This is some great information. There is so much mystery surrounding this camper. I’ve been able to dig up literature, articles, and things like Ford TSB’s and parts catalogs, but haven’t yet actually spoken with anyone who was involved first hand in the project. Most of the information I and others have regarding the American Road Camper is based upon bits and pieces and speculation. One thing that I wondered, was what became of all the surplus parts that were surely produced but never used? I have hunted high and low using the ford part numbers and have never found one single piece. I hate to think it ended up in a landfill.
      Again, thank you for taking the time to write.
      Best regards,
      Tony Tabacchi

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