One surefire way to improve the looks of the American Road Camper is to spruce up (pun intended) the side stripe. Replacing the blue painted stripe with an as-original woodgrain accent really brightened things up. It requires some elbow grease and patience, but not a lot of skill.
Here’s a before picture. The original severely deteriorated woodgrain applique had been painted over.

This page will hopefully give some insight as to what can be done to improve our campers in the most practical, economical, and fun ways possible! If you have any helpful tips or suggestions, please send them in I’ll add them to this page.

Please see the sub-pages for specific details on this repair plus others.


3 thoughts on “Repairs/Maintenance/Upgrades”

  1. Hello, I recently bought an American Road Camper to put on my 93 Dodge with dual wheels. As you know, these campers are heavy, so having duals is great. I do have some home made extensions to spread the front jacks out to clear the duals, but the whole set up is kind of precarious. Also, some of the bevel gears in the camper jacks have stripped or loosened from their shafts. I have examined the jack and it looks like the main lifting screw is locked into the steel post. I can’t find a way to replace the lower gear without cutting the post open. Any suggestions? Thanks for taking over the AR site, I appreciate it!

    Chris, in Minnesota

    1. Hi Chris,
      Congratulations on your new camper!
      Without seeing exactly what you’re up against with the jacks, I’m not sure what to suggest. I have one set of jacks that were nearly frozen when I got them. I was able to use a lot of penetrating oil and free them up. I did not have stripped parts, though. If the gear is stripped and you can’t access it, I’m not sure how you would go about taking it apart without a little “surgery”. Anybody been down this road before?
      Please send some pics and more details.
      I get nervous every time I use the jacks. It is a hair raising experience to say the least. The campers seem to be inherently weak at the jacking points, which makes for a very unstable camper when the only thing supporting it is the jacks. I plan on beefing my camper up at these points. In the meantime, I built some reinforcing beams that tie the jacks together. It makes a world of difference, however, it’s cumbersome. I’ll post some pictures.
      Sorry I’m not much help.
      Thank you for the words of encouragement regarding the site. I’m not very good at it, but am learning as I go and am having a lot of fun. Plus, perhaps the best part is that I’m meeting some great people!

      By the way, if you don’t mind, submit the last 4 of your VIN and any other info on your camper. I’d love to add you to the registry.

      All the best,

  2. On the issue of jacks, I think I may try to make a set to look much like the original jacks. Maybe just a little heavier. But I am looking at the cylinders used on a snow plow for the angle. If you put a small pump on board you just need a line under the over hang just like they did the propane. Than a small quick disconnect to hook each cylinder to. I think it could be a great asset.

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