Paul’s Camper

imagePaul, from Texas, just picked up his American Road camper. Congratulations, Paul, and welcome to our family!

image Paul is no stranger when it comes to resurrecting vintage RV’s, having a number of Airstream restorations under his belt. I, for one, can’t wait to see his  American Road camper return to its former glory as he works his magic. image

imagePaul’s plans also call for finding a matching F350 Super Camper Special pickup to complete the package.  (Michelle & Tony certainly give this combination a big thumbs up! 👍!)

Thanks for your submission, Paul. Please keep the pictures coming as your project progresses.

One thought on “Paul’s Camper”

  1. Paul, with Tony’s website I have been compiling a list of serial numbers. I don’t see mention of yours. If you would be so kind I would love to add it to a list of 25 others. My goal is to try make sense of the order of the numbers. Something is looking odd about it and more information could help.
    Please post pics of your progress if you can .

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