NEW! Super Camper Special Emblem Available NOW!

After 40+ years, a lot of our parts are showing their age! (I am referring to our trucks, here! What I wouldn’t give to be 40 again!) Anyway!


Nearly impossible to find SUPER CAMPER SPECIAL fender emblems are back! Mark Helmberger of has beautifully recreated the super rare fender emblems used on all 1973-1976 F350 140″ w/b pickups. He offers them in all three configurations. Super Camper Special, Super CAMPER, and Super HAULER.



I have seen these first hand, and they are beautiful. They are also affordable, especially if you’ve seen what NOS emblems sell for on eBay, (if you can even find them).  Although dimensionally identical, there are a few minor differences from the originals. They are chrome plated plastic, as opposed to pot metal (which means they won’t pit, oxidize, rust, or stain). The insert isn’t embossed, however it is an anodized aluminum piece that is otherwise very nearly identical to the the original.   They’re  attached to the fender by 3M emblem tape rather than studs (which also has its advantages).  None of this is obvious once installed and I think even the most hardcore enthusiast should love these!   Unless you’re striving for a 100 point show truck, these slight changes shouldn’t make a difference.  It certainly doesn’t to me, and if I may risk sounding like a snob, I think our red/black truck looks pretty darned good. And it IS sportin’ a pair of Mark’s emblems. Just swapping out our originals with these (and ours weren’t all that bad, like the one shown at the top) made a dramatic difference.  It really helped make our truck look like it did in 1973.

You can order a PAIR of these for a mere $59.99 + $5.99 priority S&H anywhere in the US. That’s only $30 apiece! Original emblems on eBay typically sell for $125+, EACH! Order a pair from Mark today. You wont be disappointed.  He also has many other emblems available. check out his website below:


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  1. Hi. I have original Super Camper Special emblems but the palet that says “Camper Special” has come off. Do you know where a replacement can be found with out having to buy a completely new emblem?

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