My camper jack tie bars

Unfortunately, the only place we have to store the camper at the house when it’s not on the truck, is in our driveway. The driveway is sloped.  Far from ideal for this situation. After nearlyimage dumping our camper in the driveway due to unstable jacks that  re-enacted the scene from Bambi on ice, I created some ladder bar type connectors in an attempt to tie the jacks together. It made an incredible difference. Unfortunately, imagethey’re heavy and take up a lot of room when not in use.  But they did solve the dilemma. I used 2″ square tubing and 2 1/4″ muffler clamps. Pretty simple.


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  1. I mentioned in an earlier post that most of my original camper jacks had worn or broken bevel gears in them. I am happy to say that I made some progress in dis assembling one of the jacks, and now have the bevel gears off and ready to be replaced. The trick to getting the jack apart and the gears off? The top gear is easy, I think it has some sort of spring washer holding the shaft. For the lower gear, there are two teeny holes, about 3/16″ diameter, opposite eachother, up near the gears. Carefully hold the gear in place so that the internal flat is perpindicular to the hole. Insert a small diameter punch thru the hole in the housing until you locate the roll pin holding the gear in place. Drive the roll pin thru the gear and its shaft, out the opposite side of the housing. Pull the gear off and the entire jack slides apart! Now to clean it, lube it up and re assemble! But first, I gotta find some new gears and that is where our group brain power helps out. Who made these jacks for Starcraft and American Road? Does anyone have a label or some sort of identification on their jacks?
    I spent a couple hours on the internet with no luck. These gears are 12 tooth, bevel or miter gears, 1/2″ ID with an internal flat, and 1-3/16″ OD, one gear is 1/2″ thick, and the one with the roll pin is 5/8″ thick.
    Thanks for your help,
    Chris, in Mpls

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thank you for your informative letter. We have 2 different brands of jacks with our campers, but I believe the ones that were supplied originally are the units with chains supporting the tripod legs. I’m thinking these are what you’re working with. There doesn’t seem to be any markings or indication of origin on them. I had a machinist friend (now retired ) who could’ve reproduced the gears when he was working. This may be the answer, if you can find someone with the ability and equipment. If I can come up with anything, I’ll let you know.

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