Kris K’s Camper

All I can say about Kris K’s camper, is, I’M JEALOUS! Actually, there’s a lot more to say. Maybe one of the more over- used expressions these days when it comes to classic vehicles, is “barn find”. I have to think there are more barn finds out there than there are barns. But this is one example that’s the real deal. The story goes that this camper was purchased new, used for a short time, and buried in the back of the barn where it’s been protected for all of these years. The pictures tell the real story. Talk about a time capsule. All original, right down to the rust colored shag carpeting. Looks to me all it needs is a good cleaning and little else. This has got to be one of the only truly original campers still in this condition. I can’t wait to see it all cleaned up. Great score, Kris!
Check out the pristine cabover bunk!
When was the last time you saw one of the side decals on one of these? We’re hoping to get a reproduction of this made in 2015 and have them available. Stay tuned


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