Kevin’s Camper

Kevin from Colorado sent pictures of his beautiful American Road Camper. He purchased it in the unfortunate shape so many are in after 42 years.  He spent a year rebuilding it from pretty much the ground, up. The windows were removed, refurbished, and reinstalled/resealed. All of the plumbing and electrical has been repaired or replaced. The structural woodwork and flooring has all been replaced along with new paneling and counter tops. Please check out the pictures below. This is a fine example of an AR camper. Id like to add that I am very impressed with Kevin’s excellent craftsmanship. NICE work, Kevin! I could use your help on mine! 🙂

Kevin also stated that his camper may be for sale. If you are interested in owning an exceptional AR camper that is ready to hit the road as-is, you can contact him at for more information.


2 thoughts on “Kevin’s Camper”

  1. I love that interior job. You inspire me to put mine back to original condition. I will have to remake all the interior because it is so buckeled and broken from the top slowly coming down or the bottom coming up!

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