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Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Since I’m always the one doing most of the talking (and not always making a lot of sense!), Michelle and I thought it would be great to give you a chance to be heard.

If this is your first visit to the site, or you’re a regular, we’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Feel free to leave your first name and only if you’d like, your last name, too.  Where you live. Why you came to visit, what you think of the site (please keep it clean, folks. This is a G rated site), if you own, have owned, wish to own an AR camper, or? Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tony & Michelle

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  1. Very nice website. I am a Ford enthusiast/collector and somehow never visited this site. I am looking for a Super Camper Special and an American Road Camper. I am willing to travel anywhere in the US to find the right truck and camper. Thanks again for setting up and managing a really nice informative website for cool vintage Ford equipment.

    Paul Rooney

  2. I’m the guy who bought Johnny’s AR. It sits on a ’91 F350 dually. It’s tarped for the winter here in the San Bernardino Mountains. unfortunately for me my driveway would make a good ramp to launch a roller coaster car so I can’t set it off to work on. ( lame excuse is done) I came away from Johnny’s place with an extra set of windows and appliances like a water heater. All from an AR that Johnny told me was used for parts and crushed into a landfill. I’m out of town until after the new year beginning Sunday next. I’ll try and remember to get a photo of the tag one of these days. If you get out my way I’d appreciate it if you looked the rig over and suggested a restoration program. Thanks and Happy Holidays

    1. Hi Thomas,
      Nice to hear from you again!
      I know all too well about the steep driveway. The rig I built to support our camper in our crazy driveway resembles a Dr Seuss creation. And getting the camper on or off the truck is always an adventure. That’s great, that you got some spares with your camper. Hang on to them. This stuff is rare and getting harder to find by the minute. Please do send pictures when you are able. I’d like to get you on the site.
      Merry Christmas to you and yours!🎄

    1. Hi Johnny!
      Thank you for writing, and for the nice compliment. I wouldn’t and probably couldn’t have done any of it without your contributions, inspiration, and insight. It’s been a fun experience and allowed me to meet some great people. I hope things are going great for you. Thanks again.
      All the best,

  3. Good Afternoon, I live in Augusta, Ga. My father gave me his camper many years ago and I have used it for a long time. Now i don’t have the truck anymore. I have someone looking at buying it. But don’t know how much to charge? Does anyone know about how much they go for. I don’t want to under price it. Thank you,

  4. Hi Tony – I had purchased a new ARC in 1974 and of course, should not have sold it. I think I sent you copies of the invoice and some other literature that I still had.

    I just bought “Marco”s ARC and the 1973 Ford F350 pickup. I had it shipped and it arrived here in Minnesota yesterday (4-21-16).

    My question for you is there a source for the “FORD AMERICAN ROAD” side emblem/decals?

    If not I would like permission to pursue having them reproduced. Depending on the costs, I would be interested in doing the research and funding the cost to reproduce them.

    However, I would need the actual physical dimensions and some form of a good full size decal, maybe in jpeg or some other form. Would you consider giving me that information and permission to pursue this?

    Thank you

  5. Hello Tony:

    Stumbled onto the site as I was looking for an Alaskan camper of all things!

    I love Ford trucks of that vintage and recently restored a Ford Ranger in and out.

    Seeing the pictures of the camper it brought back memories of the 70’s and the durability and practicality of that decade of prosperity and sturdiness.

    I’m so appreciative of this site and have spent the whole evening enjoying the entries.

    Glad to see you and your wife are enjoying the fruit of all your hard work in camping adventures.

    Thank you

  6. Hello Tony

    Glad to enjoy your website.

    Would an American Camper fit on a modern long bed truck or is it specific to the FORD 350 1973-1979?

    Thank you

    1. Newer trucks have tapered boxes, that is the tailgate end is narrower than the front. I am sure that the bottom most footprint of the AR would fit in a modern long box truck, but there is a full length bump out on the driver side of the camper that might be a problem interfering with the tailgate jamb, or the side of the truck box. Also, there is a bump out on the passenger side, back near the seating booth, that might interfere with the jamb and box on that side. Best way, get out the tape measure, make drawings, and then try it with another person spotting for you as you back the truck under it. And, please let us know how it works out (or doesn’t), so we can add it to our reference library.
      My AR camper was a tight fit on a 85 Dodge, which has an old style box.
      Don’t even consider putting the camper on anything less than a heavy duty 3/4 ton truck. I have duals on my truck, but I wish they were pushed rearward like on the original Fords.
      Best of luck,

  7. Hello Chris:

    Thank you very much for this valuable information and sage advice. I sensed it could get complicated quickly when it comes to fit.

    You are making it easier to make wise choices. I’m partial to Ford’s . I owned a 1973 once and drove it across the country a few times.

    I think it may easier to find a 1973 Ford 350 of that series than it is to find an American of that vintage. I have a shop and body man to bring me to a fully conditioned vehicle. That might be the easy part.

    I just love the look of the American and its spaciousness. Though Tony has shown that repairs on these can be challenging given cheap windows, water leaks and deterioration and stress points. Pictures on this site equal a thousand words!!

    In any event I’m on the hunt for an American in a big way.

    Hope to stay in touch!

    Thanks again.

  8. The original Ford that was under the AR camper I am trying to sell in the classifieds, is still sitting in the driveway where I left it a few months ago. At that time the owner wanted to sell the truck as well, but I had no space for it. I pulled the Ford 2 miles home, unloaded the camper in my driveway, then towed the Ford the 2 miles back to the owners house. It had a bad knock in the engine, and the rear seal leaked a LOT of oil. Body and box were very rusty but frame looked good. I think it would be a good parts truck, but possibly restorable. I’ve seen much worse vehicles restored, just takes time/money. I am guessing the truck could be bought for $400-500. Let me know if you want to pursue it. I am in Minneapolis.

    1. Hello Chris:

      Thanks for this offer. I think I will pass for I have identified a potential buy close to home which I will inspect over the weekend.

      I am now discovering how one can search for an American with success.

      I have to believe there are used American’s out there just waited to be redeemed after little use.


  9. I also posted in the classified section. I am looking for the right camper to slide into my fully restored 1965 F250 Camper Special. I will consider any condition, but prefer one in relatively good or fully restored shape. Great site. Thanks.

  10. We love your site! So much information that can only be found on your site. Thanks for taking the time to set website up. We just bought a 1973 Ford American Road Camper from Craigslist in Montana. Overall, it is in pretty good shape aside from some water damage in the bed area, dining area and front door and some wiring issues. Everything else is in great shape for her age and intact. Still has the original gold stove and fridge, original mattress and dinette cushions with the gold plad upholstery and has the beautiful one-piece molded bathroom which is in terrific shape! Would love to upload some photos of it as if anyone would like to admire our find. Thanks again for all the hard work you’ve put into this site.

    1. Hello, Vernon and Ellen!

      Congratulations on your great find! As I’m sure you know, you have a very rare and unique camper. The water damage issues you mentioned are pretty typical on most of these. With patience and medium woodworking skills, it can be brought back to better than new. The fiberglass she’ll was an extremely well made piece. Everything else can be restored or recreated with some effort, patience, and money. When I started tearing into mine, I had no idea what I was doing. The best advice I can give is work one section at a time. Take a lot of pictures for later reference, and expect for it to take longer than initially anticipated. I have no regrets, and am looking forward to starting on camper #2, as soon as I clear out a couple other projects.
      I will get your pictures posted on the sight before long. Thank you for your kind words.

      Best regards,

  11. Hi, nice to see an appriciation for the ‘American Road Camper’, I have a 73, with kitchen window awning, A/C-heater, Bumper, four burner stove, single sink, full bathroom, and three way fridge. I love it. And have had it for a few years, the last two years haven’t worked on it, but usually do something each year to make it better. Thanks for posting the web site.

  12. Tony – Great site. Thanks for all the great info and pictures. I just bought a 1974 F350 Super Camper Special with 390 cid from 2nd owner. It needs some work but the body is amazingly good for its age. I was wondering if you knew of anyone that has original or reproduction owners manuals specific to the Super Camper Specials? Also, Could you tell me what size tires you have on you red and black truck. I love the stance and the way they fill up the wheel wells. Thanks again, Al

    1. Hi Al!

      Congratulations on your new F350!
      Im not aware of a specific super camper special owners manual. My dad’s ( he bought the red truck new) had the same owners manual as all f series trucks. It’s pretty easy to find a used one on eBay or possibly Amazon.
      When my truck was stolen and thankfully recovered more or less in one piece, the thieves had thrown out the contents of the glove box. I was able to replace most of the items, including the owners manual.

      I have 9.50 x 16.5s on the front and 12.00 x 16.5 on the rear. This is an original setup. The rear wheels are either 9.5″ or 10″ wide. Every once in a while,a pair of these turn up. The tires are hard to find, but there are a few different ones out there. I like them, too.

      Thanks so much for checking out the site. I’m way behind on updating it. I’ve been busy just trying to stay in one place. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add some fresh content before long.


  13. Just found your site today, thanks to a Facebook group “All things Ford”. They posted a photo of the AR Camper which immediately caught my eye. As I had spotted a most unusual camper on the edge of a camp ground last summer and stopped for a look – OH what a mess. The badging is almost completely gone and the camper a horrible mess, but it’s shape seems to haunt me. I have thought at great lengths about the possibility of purchasing and attempting some level of restoration.

    I am now relatively sure it is a AR and am more excited than ever about the possibilities. I have a photo of what remains of the badge which has, in the lower right corner the following information:

    The photos I have found here makes me almost certain it is an AR. Is it possible from these numbers to determine if, in fact it is a AR?

    Thanks for this site and any help you can offer on the identification.


    1. Hi Randy! Thanks for checking us out and for writing! 😊
      Yes, indeed! You have discovered an American Road Camper. If you really are inclined to tackle a big project, by all means, GO FOR IT! We have no regrets, although the ride has not always been smooth. The big pluses that I think make it worthwhile is the uniqueness, rarity, cool history, couple with the fact that the fiberglass shell was a high quality piece. The portion that is surely going to need to be repaired/rebuilt/replaced, is nothing exotic. Very simple wood construction. Be ready for a ton of work, some expense, a bit of head-scratching, (maybe some cursing), and much satisfaction in the end. We love ours, and would do it all over in a heartbeat.
      Please keep us in the loop, and if you do take the plunge, please feel free to ask if you have any questions. I’m here to help, if I can, although I’ll be the first to admit there is a lot I don’t know.

      Best regards,

  14. Hello, my name is Rocky Hitson and I live in Cleveland TN. I had never heard of the American Road Camper till recently when I obtained one. I own a small business called A&A Salvage – Old camper and Boat removal service. I haul off old campers that people simply don’t want anymore that has been sitting on their property, leaking, rotting or just in the way. Sometimes I come across ones that are unique. What I do is flip these campers getting them into someones hands that are looking for them. This is beneficial to both parties. Sometimes I fix them if possible, sometimes I use parts from one to fix another and then break ones that cannot be fixed down to frame. If anyone is looking for an American Road Camper this one is available. It has rot in several places but overall it seems to be in pretty good shape as far as the cabinets, sink, fridge, and stove are concerned.

  15. Hi, I’m looking at an American Road Camper and before I purchase it am trying to figure out the truck situation. The camper is currently fixed to a trailer, but I’m done with towing (I have a lovely 2000 Award RV Classic 30 I need to rehome). I’m not sure I can handle the needs of a vintage truck. Is there some kind of flat bed that is more adaptable? How would one secure it?

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