Frank’s Camper

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Frank is the proud owner of this beautiful truck and camper and lives in Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Check out the excellent repair he has done on the upper bunk. He notes that he has already repaired the floor.  I think more likely than not , most by now,  need some “reconstructive surgery” due to the fact they are 40+ years old.  As most of you would agree, these gems are well worth it! There’s nothing else like them, out there.

I could use your help on both of mine!, Frank! 🙂

Nice camper and 1977 F250 Super Cab!


Thank you for sharing!

3 thoughts on “Frank’s Camper”

  1. I love that truck combo. My vice is diesel engines. Might have to restore one with a 7.3 conversion to go with my American Road. The floor on mine was holding a lot of water when I picked it up. I will be starting off with a complete need plywood bottom and work up. I think I will put in a few small drain holes to be sure that if water gets in it can get back out.

  2. Nice job on the front end, and bed area. I’m about to do some reno’s on the bed area, found some rot.

    1. Warren, is yours the one pictured on a 1970 F250 4×4
      Please post more photos if you can. I cant get enough pictures to use as backgrounds on my computer. It makes for god conversation when people ask about the unusual camper. I’ve been searching for pictures of these when they were new, of a family camping or traveling in one. There is just nothing out there. I’ve got mine gutted and need to complete the floor repairs to get it up on the truck for some photos.

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