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Chris in Minneapolis writes:

Here are some pictures I took when I bought the camper. Looks kind of dirty and neglected, but I think it will clean up well. It is missing the ladder and rack, sure wish I could find another set.

One of the pictures shows the home made (previous owner) jack extensions, so a dually pickup can get under it. The original version was level across the top, and was digging into the fiberglass overhang of camper, so I ground a curve into it. Also, the vertical box tube stub on the extension was a sloppy fit, and made for a saggy, scary arrangement. So, I am going to start over with the proper size box tube, and some good jacks that I got off of Craigslist. The original jack design does not allow for replacing worn or broken parts.

A couple of years ago, I replaced the standard dually box on my 93 Dodge W350 with a modified fiberglass utility box. Regular utility boxes are too narrow inside for a camper, so I took a Dodge pickup box, cut the sides off, leaving the front bulkhead, half of the wheel wells, and the rear corners including the taillights and tailgate. Then I bolted on the side boxes from a single wheel utility box. Utility boxes are made in different depths, to accommodate single or dual wheel chassis.
This hybrid box has worked out fantastic for hauling tools, stuff, and the Chinook camper that I purchased about 5 years ago. It should also fit most regular truck campers. I thought the Chinook was the coolest camper I had ever seen… Until I saw an AR! Unfortunately, the wrap under wing overhangs that make the AR camper so sleek, means it won’t fit my custom utility box. I could cut off the AR overhangs, but that would just butcher it. Or I could cut a section out of the utility box, and lower its top below the campers overhang. What I have decided to do is again start with a Dodge box and cut it similarly to the previous version, but also leave the inner box and the upper 4″ of the top rail intact, and fasten aluminum boxes to the outside of the of the remaining structure. I had considered building a complete custom aluminum utility box, but I think this version will work out well.
Keep up the good work!


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