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This page is for you to share pictures of your American Road Camper, past or present. Anything related to the cause is welcome!

Please include a little about yourself, your camper, your truck, and if possible, your camper’s serial number off the metal tag on the rear. Id like to start a registry so that we can maybe have a rough idea of how many of the approximately 850 campers built are still out there.  If you don’t want your data to be public, that’s OK.  Just be sure and let me know.

To submit your pictures (max file size per pic =32MB), please email them to me at:

I’ll post them with any additional information you’d like to share.

Thank you!

5 thoughts on “American Road Owner’s Gallery”

  1. Hello
    i am Maik from Germany
    i am the owner of a American road Camper
    May be the only lownly in Germany ?
    My truck at the moment is a 98 Dodge Ram
    i was affraid to find your page with the informations and pictures of the camper

    1. Maik, I have some letters from Ford that may indicate that some overseas sales were in progress of getting approvals for export. I am very curious to know if yours was sold over there or shipped by a private individual. We have a Facebook group, American Road camper owner and enthusiast group. If you can get on with us and share it would be great.

  2. I found mine years ago….stripped it completely, including the ceiling plastic………and molded an epoxy base with dimmensions to fit ANY full-size pick-up, as mine would not squeeze into my dodge.

    I cut off the front & stretched it out 16 inches, molding in new glass…..blending the line while it was gutted

    i have since re-lined the interior with cedar strips and am tinkering with the cabinet scheme and will soon be doing the upholstery work.

    I also need to repaint the entire camper, I have selected Wimbledon white as the closest color (ford) may have used? Gelcoat in fiberglass is not the same paint as vehicles are done with…

    it’s a labor of love for when I retire, to have a light camper with generous proportions to travel on American Roads…..

    1. Hi Fred,

      Your camper is a very cool, one of a kind example. Nicely done. 👍 I hope to see it in person one day. Maybe when we have our first annual ARC roundup! Can’t wait!

    2. Fred if you are still playing with your camper please connect with our group on Facebook. American Road camper owner and enthusiast group. I really would love to see some photos.

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