Welcome to the Ford American Road Camper Registry. Please submit your camper’s serial number and date of manufacture, taken from the tag by the rear door.  I’ll be happy to  add you to the list. If you’d like to tell a bit about yourself and /or your camper, along with a picture or several, I’ll create a gallery page just for you. You may remain anonymous, if you wish.

Thank you for your help, interest, and participation!

1)RV02NC10058 DOM 8/73

Self contained unit. Monomatic toilet. Forced air furnace. 3 burner stove. Rust trim interior. Unit never had a ladder, roof rack, or rear bumper.   Owned by Michelle and Tony Tabacchi, Albuquerque, NM. Camper was picked up in Arroyo Grande, CA. No other history available.

 2) RV02NM10099 DOM 9/73

Owned by Frank, Whitby, Ontario, Canada

3) RV02NG10208  DOM 9/73

Owned  since new (how cool is that?!), Carol, Swan Lake, Montana

4)  RV02NC10316 DOM 09/73

Self-contained unit. 3 burner stove. Monomatic toilet. Forced air furnace.  Rust trim interior. Ladder and roof rack ( missing) rear bumper. Unit was picked up in Portland, OR. Purchased new in San Diego, CA. Owned by Tony & Michelle Tabacchi, Albuquerque,NM

5) RV02ND10598 DOM 10/73

Owner anonymous

6) RV02ND10600 DOM 10/73

Owned by Kris, Minnesota

7) RV02ND10642  DOM 10/73

Owned by Heath G

8) RV02NK10668  DOM 10/73

Owned by Doug & Mary K


9) RV02NC10676 DOM 10/73

Self-contained unit. 4 burner deluxe stove. A/C unit.  Thetford marine toilet. Forced air furnace. Ladder and roof rack. Rear bumper. AM/FM/Tape stereo. Rust trim interior. Picked up in Blue Jay, CA.  No other known history. Owned by Tony & Michelle Tabacchi, Albuquerque,NM

10) RV02NC10747  DOM 10/73

Owned by Marco, Truckee, CA

 11) RV02ND11010

Owned by David K, Wisconsin

12)  RV02ND11049  DOM  11-73

Owned by Chris in Minneapolis

13) RV02NK11065

Owner anonymous

14) RV02ND11072 DOM 11/73

Owner unknown


  1. Hi,
    My name is Patrick and I recently picked up an American Road. I’m in Montreal Canada. The person I bought it from had no idea what it was. He purchased it with a pick up he wanted. He told me the camper and pick up had been left unused for years.

    Unfortunately, much of the serial number is worn off. I have managed to ID the manufacture date as October 1973 on the label itself. I have also found a label in the fiberglass at the back of the rear passenger light (seen at the corner of the table) which seems to indicate that the shell was built on September 28th 1973. It also has what looks like the number 790 in a rectangle on the top right of the corner. I believe this might be the last three digits for the serial number but I am not sure. If that is the case, the likely serial number from what I can read is probably RV02NW10790.
    Has anyone seen their label on the back of the light? If so, does it correspond to the last three digits on the end of their serial number?
    Thanks for your help,

    1. Hi Patrick!
      Thank you for writing. Congratulations on acquiring an American Road Camper! If you’d like to send pictures, I’ll set up a page for you. Some of the campers didn’t have a stamped aluminum tag riveted to the back, so once the decal becomes illegible, and if you don’t have a title, I’m not aware of anyway to determine the VIN. The label that is attached to the interior passenger side (which is not on all campers) was more of a quality control tracking of the fiberglass shell during production, I believe. Although the label does have a serial number, it is not the same as the VIN, and I believe it was more for internal use for Starcraft. I hope this is a little helpful.
      Thanks again for your question.

  2. hi guys, i glad to found this site, i live in mexico and i brought an american road camper 7 years ago and i did not all the history about it!
    it is in pretty good shape and i put on 1994 f350 crew cab 4×4… it is amazing to travel and sleep on it!
    i would like to register mine and show you pictures… i am looking for some stuff, i hope you can help with that!

    1. Ivan, I would love to see pictures. Their is a Facebook page for American Road Camper owner and enthusiast group. Look us up please.

  3. Hi guys we are in Melbourne Australia & just brought a the ford camper. We are trying to find what year model etc but can seem to find where it would be. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 😊

  4. Hi does anyone know if the last few numbers represent the number of the camper. As they all seem to increase in numbers as the dates get later??? Thanks

  5. My name is Kathleen. I’m in Montreal Canada.
    My serial number 1148,
    Muld #4
    Date 11-6-1973
    Gelcoat batch no: 1-91545
    sorry, I don’t have Vin RV…. it is from label that is attached to the interior passenger side 😉

    1. Hi Kathleen! It’s great to hear from you! Please send some pictures and I’ll post them
      to the site.i haven’t been very active on here in a while. The site has been bombarded with spam and it’s painfully slow to weed out the real comments from the garbage.
      It’s always exciting to learn about another AR camper. Thank you for writing.

    2. Kathleen, there is a Facebook group for American Road Camper owner and enthusiast group. Please connect with us. We would love to see pictures and stories.

  6. My name is John Bennetch. We live in Carlisle PA. I just picked up a new American Road camper. It is in very poor condition. The fiberglass is solid. I’m planning to rebuild the wooden floor section and put in a custom interior. The serial number is RVO2NS10659
    The riveted plate just says S10659. Manufacturer date is 10/73

  7. Hi Tony: Well it looks like I am a proud owner of AR camper. Ser# S10691 Date 10/73. Didn’t see a vin# but will take a closer look when I get her home. (So one more saved). It’s rough but anything can be saved.

  8. Hi Tony: Got my camper home today. Hope you don’t mind but in the near future I’d like to pick your brain. Last owner did some modifications to the bottom part that fits in the pickup bed”so it would fit a narrow box . I plan to rebuild from the bottom up. Do you have any factory floor plans , schematics , or at less correct Measurements .

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