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The American Road camper was built specifically to compliment Ford’s new Super Camper Special 1 ton pickup. It is only fair to have a page for them, as well.

We now own 2 Super Camper Specials, both 1973 models.   My dad special ordered the red one in the fall of ’72. I just purchased the blue one  (10-2014).

Even by today’s standards, these hold their own when it comes to hauling a massive camper or towing a large trailer. Not just a 3/4 ton pickup with heavier springs, here. This truck really was a 1 ton pickup that had a slightly narrower  frame than the 1/2 and 3/4 ton Fords. I believe the frame was like this to accommodate the dual rear wheels on the non-pickup F350. The frame rails were constructed of a heavier steel stamping that was around 8″ deep, from top to bottom.  The wheelbase was stretched another 7″ to 140″   Rear axle was a stout Dana 70. Front and rear anti-sway bars. HD shocks. Massive drum brakes in the rear and 4 piston calipers up front. Huge radiator, dual batteries, pre-wired for a camper, were a few more  standard features. Ford also introduced a very sturdy frame mounted camper tie-down system that used  large, spring-loaded turnbuckles.

Here’s my opinion.

Having recently, personally driven each of my old trucks loaded with 2900# American Road Campers + cargo on each, a combined trip of over 2200 miles, I can confidently say that Ford did their homework when they designed  these trucks.  The red truck picked up the first camper in southern California and brought us 750 miles back to Albuqerque in the middle of summer. Right through the Mojave Desert. Brutally hot and lots of  incredibly long hills. The truck  ran as cool as a cucumber. Cruised along much of the way at 70mph. We still managed 9 mpg with the old 460. The blue truck and camper just got me home from a 1400 mile journey. No drama with trying  to hold it on the road. Pulled the mountain grades effortlessly. Same cruising speed as the other truck, and still managed slightly better than 8mpg.  You really don’t notice the huge camper on the back. It’s like driving a passenger car, it’s so well-balanced.  Yes, a new turbo diesel is awesome. Also, a new loaded Ford Diesel pickup will set you back more than I paid for my first house. And if you break after the warranty runs out, the cost of the repair alone would pay for several 460s.  You’d have to drive a LOT of miles to justify the  fuel savings.  And as far as a V10 goes, I’ve owned them. Less power than the 460 and the same fuel economy.


Not too many of these SCS trucks were produced. I haven’t been able to find solid production numbers, but from what I have been able to come up with is a total production of 3500-4000 units built from 1973-1979.

if you find one and you want a  truck that really can get the job done in a cool, retro 70’s style, you’d better grab it! there can’t be many left. Super easy to identify by the long wheelbase and spare tire carried in the bedside compartment on the passenger side.

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11 thoughts on “1973-79 Ford F350 SCS page”

  1. I just ran across your website- very interesting. The American Road Camper looks neat in the ads, and you’ve got quite a restoration project going.
    I have a 1973 SCS which I bought in 1985 from a contractor and drove it until 2003. I just listed it for sale on Craigslist (Charlotte NC), along with a (separate) SCS bed. I love the truck, but it needs too much work for me. Happy Camping!

    1. Hi David, thanks for checking us out and for writing! We do love the old Ford trucks around here. But I also know first hand how much work (and$$) it is to bring a 43 year old vehicle back to its former glory. I hope you will find the right person for your f350 who will do just that. Good luck, and take care!
      All the best,

  2. Cool site for these F350 SCS, I just picked one up, it’s in great condition inside and out, my spare cover door has a dent in it but I think it can be fixed with out painting by a good slow easy tapping. I was told the engine was a 390, did these ever come with a 390? I need to find me a shop in my area that can work on my truck, most shops now days can only work on trucks with a computer. I have book marked your page and will be getting a set of those emblems, I want my truck to be pretty. Thank again.

    1. Hi Brad,
      Thank you for writing!
      Yes, the 390 was optional from 1973-76. The 360 was the base engine for these years, and from mid 73 through 79, the 460 was optional. The 77-79 F350 offered a 351M or 400, in place of the 360-390 FE series engines. Six cylinders and the 302 weren’t available in the F350 SCS.
      Enjoy your F350!

  3. Just came upon your site, I have a 74 SCS 460, waited to get it from a friend for 5 years finally traded him an 92 F150 x cab that I had just rebuilt the engine in for it. that was 1999. I have been trying to find a camper to match any lines on one for sale? For some reason I am really excited to find someone else appreciates these trucks. Also I had one of the fender emblems blow off do you have any sources for those? god that would be nice that missing emblem has been driving me nuts.

    1. Hi Mike!

      Thank you visiting our site.
      I am certainly biased, but I think the SCS really is special. Congratulations on your newly acquired 74!

      If the emblem you are missing is one of the Super Camper Special pieces, there are some beautiful reproductions available from our freind Mark, at onceuponapart.com. You can see them on this site, or go directly to his site. I have a pair of them and they are beautiful.

      Chris has a project camper for sale in Minnesota. You can see it plus get his contact information from the classified section. There are so few of these left, that even the ones need a full restoration are worth grabbing. If you want one that needs little to no work,you may have a long wait. Please feel free to browse the sight. There’s a lot of hopefully useful info and pictures.

      Enjoy your SCS!


  4. I bought a 73 SCS at an auction as a doner parts truck, not knowing what I was buying. 57345 miles on it. Basically a barn find. Now after reading all comments on the web pages, I realize how rare these trucks are. My F150 may now become the doner.

    1. Hi Terry!
      Thanks for checking out the site. By all means, keep your SCS alive! These are rare trucks, and really are special. If it’s not hopelessly rusty, and it has low miles, it sounds like a great candidate to restore. You won’t be sorry! Two thumbs up from Tony and Michelle! 👍👍

  5. I have a 74 SCS my dad bought from original owner in probably 82/83. He drove it everyday and worked out of it until 89 and was still used in his business till 97. It’s 390 -4speed custom trim levels all original except paint ,seat cover and motor. It came factory 360. Priceless to me.

  6. Hello. I just happened across your site. Awesome. I have two ’73 SCSs and one is a driver and the other will be a full restoration. I love these things. Where do you recommend getting parts from?

    1. Hi Ryan!
      Aren’t these great trucks?
      It is not easy to
      Find certain items. And some of the reproduction stuff out there that I’ve seen is garbage. The best luck I’ve had is just being patient and search eBay religiously. Also request a catalog from Dennis Carpenter. Their parts are as close to genuine Ford parts as you can get. Mark from once upon a part is reproducing some very nice SCS emblems. There’s another company I won’t mention by name but everything I’ve seen that they sell is pretty sub par. Some things are scary expensive, but as an old saying goes, good stuff ain’t cheap and cheap stuff ain’t good.
      Our red/black truck is pretty decent, but I’m hoping to do a complete tear down
      And thorough restoration on the blue one. It’s a great truck that runs and drives like a million bucks, but spent it’s life on the west coast and northwest coast, and has suffered from the salt air. It’s not rusted out, but is crusty. All the aluminum trim
      And chrome is pitted. carpenter dies have all the moldings, but it will cost a fortune. I’m hoping to
      Live long enough to
      Get it done. I’d like to
      See pictures of your trucks and hear more about your plans. Thanks for writing! We do also have an extra American Road camper that needs a good home and a complete restoration. 😁

      Thanks for checking out our site!

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